Phase 4 Of The HCG Diet

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We already know that the HCG diet has 4 different phases. HCG drops for weight loss, or HCG in general, is only taken during Phase 1 and 2. In phase 3, also called Maintenance Phase, you are to maintain the new weight and keep the lost fat off. In this article we’re going to discuss Phase 4 of the HCG diet, which was not included in the original protocol, but was added recently.Difference Between Phase 4 And 3 Of The HCG DietPhase 4 is very is similar to the maintenance phase. If you’ve read about phase 3 here on my HCG blog, you already know that the swath of allowed foods is rather wide, certainly wider than in the previous phases. The only exception are starches, sugars, and carbohydrates in general. The main difference between phase 3 and 4 is we add carbs into the diet. But we have to do so in a smart way, not by starting to eat 200 grams of carbs per day right away. We have to add to the diet gradually, so as to make the body get used to it.
There are more things to bear in mind in Phase 4. You should eat a lot of water, from 0.5 up to 1 gallon per day. Don’t restrain yourself too much, eat what you want when you want, but only when you are hungry. Try not to get hungry anytime in a day by eating 6 times per day, smaller portions.
It won’t be hard to maintain the new weight as long as you follow this simple advice. Your metabolism in HCG diet phase 4 will be increased and your hypothalamus reset, but if you go back to your old bad eating habits, you’ll ruin your achievements.Eat Organic Foods In Phase Four
Strive to eat only organic foods, not processed. Don’t eat mock meat and things like that, rather buy a nice chunk of pork or any other kind of meat, but organic. If you eat eggs a lot, buy organic bio eggs.
Eat a lot of vegetables. Veggies contain a lot of fiber, which helps you maintain the increased metabolic rate. The same applies with fruits, don’t restrain yourself here. When you feel like eating an apple, do so. You won’t make a mistake by substituting an unhealthy snack by a grapefruit or orange. Just don’t eat ten of them a day.
What’s important is to weigh yourself daily. If you observe a sudden weight gain (2 lbs+), revise your diet, think hard if you haven’t made some errors and try not to make them next time. If the cypher on your scale keeps rising, find a health care provider, explain to him that you’ve been on the HCG diet and now are in phase 4 of it. Describe the foods you now usually eat. He should suggest to you what to do.Exercise
Lastly, you ought to be exercising on a daily basis. If that’s not possible for whatever reason, try to work out at least 4 times a week. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cardio or weight lifting. Ideally you should be doing both, for example cardio 3 times per day and anaerobic work out in the gym 2 times a week. That leaves you with 2 days off, I think this is not that hard work out plan. HCG diet drops are of course no longer taken in phase 4 of the HCG diet.

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