HCG Diet Side Effects – Are There Any?

People ask me if there are any side effects of the HCG diet. Many men also tend to think that taking a pregnancy hormone as a male can interfere with their sex. That’s nonsense! To be honest, I think that obesity itself is much more harmful than the presence of extra HCG in the body. HCG diet side effects are a lesser risk than being overweight. Obesity can cause increased cholesterol levels, which may lead to a heart attack. It can also be the cause of diabetes. In such cases, the glucose levels in blood might be very increased (due to the absence of insulin) and that can cause sleepiness, frequent hunger, thirst and need to micturate. On the other hand, what are the dangers of the HCG diet?Hunger Is Not A Side Effect…
From my personal experience, I think that if you follow the instructions to the letter and take HCG drops for weight loss as you are supposed to, you will probably not have any problems and by doing so you greatly decrease the HCG diet risks. When I was on the diet, the first few days I felt hungry quite a lot, but of course, this was not because of HCG, but rather because of the 500-calorie diet, also known as Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). Virtually, HCG decreases hunger, as you don’t need to eat so much due to the abnormal fat being released from under your skin.HCG Diet Side Effects – Headaches And Hormonal Changes

Mild headaches are normal during the first few days.
Also, when I was on the diet, I did have occasional headaches, but they were mild and after two days disappeared completely and then I felt quite good and not hungry, as well. Any not-prescribed medications are forbidden while being on the diet, but aspirin is one of the few that is allowed, so you can use it as a headache relief. Another important thing to keep in mind is that HCG, whether it is HCG drops or injections, apart from how it impacts the diencephalon and causes weight loss, is also a sex gland oriented hormone. In men, it can increase testosterone levels, but only if the user’s testosterone levels are below normal. It can never, under any circumstances, function as the anabolic steroids that the market is saturated with and that bodybuilders like to use to grow their muscle mass. HCG can in prepubertial boys also speed up the onset of puberty and quicken puberty as such. Logically, the increased testosterone levels and too quick puberty go hand in hand.
On the other hand, in women HCG can increase estrogen levels, which doesn’t really matter at all. It is also good to know that HCG is in fact a growth hormone and therefore can be harmful if you have cancer. So if you are about to start with the HCG diet, be sure that you don’t have any unwanted lumps on and in your body.Risks Of The HCG Diet Vs ObesityHCG diet side effects are not nearly as much dangerous as severe obesity and in fact, it is now known that HCG can cure woman breast cancer. Another big asset of being on the HCG diet and taking HCG drops for weight loss is, it can help maintain the appropriate blood pressure and be beneficial if somebody is suffering from the following diseases: gout, peptic ulcers, diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, rheumatism and psoriasis. So the bottom line is, if you have serious problems with obesity and excess weight, don’t let anybody discourage you from going onto the HCG diet. Because the side effects and risks of the HCG diet are nothing in comparison to what can happen to you if you are seriously overweight.

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