HCG Diet Program Is Also For Men

The HCG Diet Program Works Just As Well For Men!
Is the HCG diet program suitable for men? Yes it is and the weight loss is usually even more significant and faster than the weight loss of women. In the 1950s both females and males were the object of obesity treatment conducted by Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons, which is proof that the HCG diet works for men. If you know how HCG works and  think about it more, it is obvious that the HCG diet program works for males. Though HCG naturally occurs only in women during pregnancy, the effect on weight loss remains the same with both genders.HCG Diet Program – Function Of HCG
HCG still has the same main function, i.e., it ensures that the womb of a pregnant woman is not undernourished throughout the course of pregnancy. This is ensured this way: If the pregnant woman is starving, the womb must still have proper nutrition. Yet it cannot be fed from normal food intake, so its source of nutrition is the fat found under the skin of the woman. HCG literally breaks down the fat cells. This function remains the same with females and males.
However, there are certain side effects associated with the use of HCG as a cure of men’s obesity, the most important of which is probably this: If the man that wants to lose weight with HCG is not mature, he may not go on the HCG diet program, because it could be harmful to him. HCG would work as an inducer of puberty and it could also speed up the onset of puberty.
The other side effects associated with HCG weight loss for men are as follows: body fatigue, headaches, irritability and possible water retention. However, those side effects are common to women as well. In fact, women may face more side effects than men do. Although these side effects are possible, they only occur rarely. Maybe every 10th person who goes on the HCG diet program suffers from any of them.HCG Diet Program – Women Vs Men
Another difference between a woman and a man who loses weight with HCG is, men tend to lose significantly more than women do. The mean weight loss of a woman is around 1-2 lbs per day, whereas men can expect to lose up to 2-3 lbs per day, every day. These numbers are not made up, they are real, if you don’t believe look at what other people say and you’ll see it’s true.
What is a mutual side effect is soreness or tenderness in the spots where the hormone is injected. This only applies, however, if you are using the HCG diet injections. If you take the hormone in a different way, for example HCG drops for weight loss, you should not experience any pain at all. This way you also get rid of the must to buy all the tools that are needed to inject HCG properly, including syringes, needles, bacteriostatic water, etc. Those things are often not available from just one source, so if you want to do the HCG diet with the injections the right way, you have to buy them all one by one from various stores.
That’s why HCG diet drops are more popular and I like them much more than the injections. HCG diet program is a killer method to lose weight permanently, but it must be done the right way, regardless of whether you are a man or female.

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