HCG Diet Food List – HCG Diet Foods In One Place

Plan your grocery shopping in accordance with the diet plan.
There are two key rules you have to abide by during the HCG diet. First, you have to buy non-fake HCG – either HCG drops for weight loss or any other form of HCG. Second, you must eat the right foods that are high in protein and low in starches and carbohydrates as such at the same time. To top it off, you are restricted to eat only 500 calories per day, which is the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). If you are having difficulty finding a complete HCG diet food list, this article might be of help to you, because I include all HCG diet foods that you are allowed to eat.
Please note that all the foods in my HCG diet food list are measured and weighed raw. Further instructions as to how to prepare the foods are provided below, for each respective category. The numbers to the right of the foods are the calorie amounts of the foods.HCG Diet Food List – HCG Diet Phase 2 Foods
1. Fruit
You should not eat more than 1 piece of fruit per one meal. Also keep in mind that it is not advisable to mix more fruits together, always eat them raw and only one kind at a time.
Apple: medium = 95
Grapefruit: ½ = 44
Orange: large = 86
Strawberries: 10 medium: = 402. Meat
The calorie amounts are meant for 100 grams of the each particular meat with all visible fat removed. By the way, that’s also what Dr. Simeons advised in his book Pounds And Inches, to remove all visible fat on meat before its consumption. If you don’t know, 100 grams = 3 ½ ounces. If applicable, cook with no oil or fat.
Chicken Breast: = 110
Ground Beef: 95% lean = 137
Steak: (round/sirloin tip) = 142
Crab: = 84
Halibut: 110
Cod = 110
Flounder: 91
Tilapia: 96
Lobster: = 90
Shrimp: = 106
Veal: = 1123. Starch foods
Those foods are the only foods containing a higher amount of starch that are part of the HCG diet foods allowed to be eaten on the diet.
Melba Toast: 1 = 20
Melba Snack: 2 = 24
Grissini Breadstick: 1 = 204. Vegetables
The same as with fruits applies here – don’t mix the veggies, eat only one vegetable kind per meal. All of the below are measured raw.
Asparagus: 10 medium spears = 30
Beet-Greens: 3 cups = 24
Cabbage: 1 cup = 22
Celery: 2 cups = 32
Chard: 3 cups = 21
Cucumber: 1 medium = 45
Fennel: 1 cup = 27
Lettuce: 3 cups green = 15
Onion: ½ cup = 32
Red Radishes: 1 cup sliced = 19
Spinach: 3 cups = 21
Tomatoes: 1 medium = 22 1 cup = 275. Milk
1 Tablespoon whole milk = 9 caloriesHow To Eat Only 500 Calories Per Day
If you find it difficult to stick with 500 calories per day, keep in mind that it’s the vegetables that you should adjust to fit your daily calories. So for example, if all the foods planned to be eaten in a day excluding vegetables make up 460 calories, eat the rest, 40 cal, in vegetables.
Hopefully this doesn’t confuse you too much and I wish you all the best with the HCG diet. May this HCG diet food list be of use to you.

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