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Load Yourself Properly, But Keep It In Moderation
To lose weight with HCG diet drops and not feel too hungry during the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), it is very important to first undergo so-called “HCG Diet Loading“. In the loading phase of the HCG diet, you are to eat as much food as possible. The original HCG diet protocol, the manuscript by Dr. Simeons, says we should eat “to capacity”. But that might be a little confusing. Let me clear it out for you: You should eat a lot, but it does matter what you eat during the loading phase.
Generally, you should eat foods that contain a lot of FAT. Sound weird? But it is true. You have to eat very fatty foods for a number of reasons. Firstly, people who are about to go on the HCG diet are usually seasoned dieters . That means that their reserves of normal fat in their bodies is mostly depleted. So they need to replenish those reserves by eating lots of fat.
If you fast before the diet and do NOT do the loading properly, you are at risk of feeling very hungry during the main low calorie diet, because your normal fat reserves will be depleted and because your body will be still in a kind of a starvation mode, this fat won’t get refilled. To read more about what kinds of fat there are, see the section “How does HCG work“.
Also, it is crucial to load before the main diet, because despite the fact that you will probably gain a few pounds at that time, your diencephalon will simply have more fat to deal with and therefore will “order” more fat burning. This increase of the diencephalic fat banking capacity will then last throughout the whole course of the HCG diet.
Yesterday I got an e-mail. Its sender was asking me, whether or not she should have been taking HCG diet drops during loading. So let me make a clarification; Yes, you absolutely should be taking HCG diet drops while you are loading. Why? Because it’s been observed that HCG, no matter the method of intake, usually starts to work in the human body after the third dosage. Logically then, if you weren’t taking HCG drops for weight loss on loading, it would take a couple of days then on the VLCD before the hormone would start doing its job, and thus the very first days of the VLCD would be worthless. In fact, the impact on the diet as a whole would be disastrous. So do take HCG diet drops during the loading phase.
Another often raised question is: What foods should I eat on the HCG diet loading? This is the funny part, because the swath of foods you are allowed to eat is much wider than on the low calorie diet that follows after. However, there are certain foods to avoid. Junk foods, such as potato chips,  lemonades with a lot of sugar, cakes, deep-fried foods, etc., are not a good choice. On the other hand, you are free to eat pasta, rice, almonds (preferrably not roasted), fish, pork, beef, poultry, chicken breast, lentil, and various kinds of nuts, particularly not roasted. Most of these foods contain a lot of healthy fats and carbs, unlike the junk foods described above.
How long should you be loading? Well, it depends on how much weight you wanna lose. If you are going to stay on the VLCD for the whole 40 days, it could be wise to do a 3-day loading. However, most individuals will be fine with just 2 days of loading. Don’t forget to take HCG diet drops on loading, though!

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