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Discount HCG Drops – New Opportunities To Get Discounted HCG DropsMy HCG Blog – Why I Created My HCG Diet Blog »PublishedAugust 31, 2011 | ByEmilyNo, this is no joke, you can really get free HCG drops on the internet, so as to first tried them and then decide whether or not you want to continue with the HCG diet. If you are one who wants to burn 1-2 lbs of fat per day and keep it off, you can achieve it without too much endeavour. There are three tasks for you to keep in mind:You have to purchase the right drops, no fake please.You may not cheat on the diet, if you do so, the results won’t be nearly as great as if you don’t.Persistence is needed to succeed. It is a must that you stay persistent throughout, do the loading phase properly, stick to 500 calories on the VLCD and then eat only the foods you are allowed to during phases 3 and 4.
I can’t really help with #2 and 3, at the end of the day, you are the creator of your own luck and it’s all on you, the persistence and all.Free HCG Drops That I Recommend
However, I can recommend to you some good producers of HCG diet drops that I know work. On top of that, I know of a company who hands out free bottles of HCG on a daily basis. Sounds good? Read on.
The company’s name is Kore HCG. Below is a banner leading to their website.
They are one of the older, well established HCG manufacturers who have had a long history and gained good repuation thus far. I have also had only good experience with them. Really, their HCG works, no doubt about that. Ultimately, if you don’t believe, you can get a free bottle of their HCG so as to try it out first. All you pay is the Shipping & Handling fee, which is pretty low.How Long Do Your Free HCG Drops Last?
It depends on whether you get free homeopathic HCG drops or the rx HCG. As for homeopathic, if left unopened, they usually last at least a year. Basically, once opened you can use them without worries about three months, then you should consider disposing of them.
So now it’s all up to you, you can either take action and get your free HCG drops yet today and start losing weight possibly tomorrow, or you can procrastinate and question things. Which way will you go? I’ll leave the decision on you.

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