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My review of Supercharged HCG is certainly positive, because like I said many times here on my blog, when I was on the diet, HCG Supercharged was one of the drops I used for my weight loss. Though there were some troubles on their site lately, as it was temporarily unavailable, it’s all OK now and you can view their website without any issues again.Super Charged HCG first started in 2008 and it’s been a growing and expanding company ever since. It’s gotten its popularity on the field of dieting and the HCG diet and the guys from the company were able to establish themselves as an authority on the market. Their #1 priority, at least from what they claim, is to provide customer satisfaction and supply an excellent product. I consider HCG Supercharged drops a great weight loss product, not only because it can be obtained for free (one bottle of it, see in more detail below), but also because it really lives up to its hype. That’s why it remains on my list of HCG drops reviews.
They claim their customers are loyal and keep coming back. While I cannot judge this statement, I can certainly say I have been a loyal customer of theirs. That’s why my Supercharged HCG reviews is positive, because I have ordered 3 bottles of their HCG so far and never had any problem with shipping or anything like that.Other Supercharged HCG Reviews
On their website, Supercharged HCG have many client testimonials. Although they don’t claim themselves their HCG is the best, they are said (also in the customer testimonials and reviews) that they are one of the most reliable and reputable manufacturers of HCG shipping to the USA.
Not only does Supercharged HCG produce Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in the form of drops. They also make a product they call Hyper Hoodia and other things are to be bought on their website, including a book focusing on the HCG diet and what to eat while being on it. They also sell something they call Super Food no. 12, which is a proprietary blend of 12 supplements, which they advise people to take it on a diet round. The blend consists of Alfalfa leaf, Ginger root, Green tea leaf, Cayenne, Garlic, Spinich, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Barley grass, Broccoli, Blueberries, Mangosteen, Acai Berry.

Where To Buy HCG Drops?

I was first starting with the HCG diet, I had difficulty choosing between the enormous number of HCG companies that can be found on the Internet. If you have read about me, you know that on round 1 I was doing HCG injections. Though I was very satisfied with the results, I decided to move to HCG drops for weight loss. But back then I wasn’t quite as knowledgeable about the HCG diet as I am now, and it wasn’t easy to pick the right product. After the year and a half since, I now know which HCG drops are fraudulent and inferior and which are not, as well as where to buy HCG drops from, so that the results are real. I often get e-mails from people asking where to get HCG drops. They also ask about injections. So I decided to come up with this article to pass the knowledge I’ve gained so far.Where To Buy Homeopathic HCG Drops
I recommend homeopathic HCG drops, because there’s no need to mix anything before taking them. HCG contained in homeopathic remedies is diluted with alcohol. This trace amount of HCG in the solution makes your body produce additional HCG on its own. This is also what homeopathy is based upon. There are four companies I recommend:
1. HCG 1234
2. HCG Ultra Diet Drops
3. US Premium HCG
4. Her HCG


Rx HCG is prescription HCG, which in practice means you cannot buy it without having it prescribed by your personal physician. This service can sometimes get expensive.
Rx HCG contains more HCG, and doesn’t require you to take HCG so often during a day. A disadvantage of the Rx version is, you have to mix it before taking it, both orally and by injecting. So the application of HCG is a little bit more complicated. In addition, Rx HCG has to be kept in a fridge, because the higher amounts of contained HCG makes the solution decay when stored at room temperature. Here are some I recommend:HCG StoreHCG Body Shaper
If you are not willing to take injections and would rather go with the drops, I suggest you stick to homeopathic HCG. Don’t believe people who say it doesn’t work. This statement is only true when you buy fake HCG. But the three companies I list above are all self-tested by myself AND a good real-life friend of mine. I didn’t observe any difference between homeopathic and Rx, either.
Fake homeopathic HCG doesn’t work due to the fact that it doesn’t contain HCG at all. This is paradoxical, because the names of those scam HCG companies almost always contain the word “HCG”, though there is no HCG in their products.
You can of course do some more research online on where to get HCG drops for weight loss, but trust me, if you pick one of which I list above, you won’t make a mistake. Now you hopefully have a better idea of where to buy HCG.