HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review

HCG Ultra Diet Drops, unlike HCG Slenderize, is one of the more established companies selling HCG diet drops. What they offer is quite different, not in terms of quality, but rather how they distinguish between their customers. They divided their customer base to three categories depending on how much weight is to be lost. HCG Ultra Diet Drops reviews are in most cases positive – no wonder, their product is targetted to suit your particular needs.
In my HCG Ultra Diet Drops review, I want to explain the three plans they offer to HCG dieters. Let’s begin with the first one.—> If You Are From The UK, Click Here To Get HCG Ultra! If You Are From The USA, Click Here To Get HCG Ultra! <—My HCG Ultra Diet Drops ReviewHCG Ultra Diet Drops – Plan 1Plan 1 is for people who want to lose more 40 lbs. This is usually not achievable in just one diet round, that’s why you have to go on a couple to reach such weight loss. However, this plan, although the most expensive (cost $149.99 last time I checked, click here to see current price) is the best in terms of what you get for the price. You’ll get:8 oz of their HCG for a 60-day supplyWeight Loss Tracker/Regimen
The weight loss tracker is useful because you can track your body’s fat percentage, as well. Although the numbers are usually only estimates, it still can get you a pretty good idea of the level you are at.
The guys from HCG Ultra Diet Drops also claim they will give you 2 bonus free bottles of their product if you order plan 1. In addition, you’ll get something called Weight Loc, which is a mild mind stimulant and appetite suppressant. It also stabilizes your blood sugar. This adds some extra value. Moreover, you’ll also get a pedometer and a bottle of vitamin B12 to support your fat loss efforts.

HCG Shots Online – A Rumor Or Reality?

The title of this article may sound a little confusing, but all I want to talk about is whether or not HCG shots, the HCG injections, can be bought online. It is true that HCG injections online are obtainable, but the same as with the drops applies here. You have to be careful to not buy from a fraud company. I include below one company that I know is trustworthy, even though I didn’t use them myself.
You probably also want to know what you will need to do the injection properly. Well, before giving the actual shot, you will certainly need HCG itself. I recommend buying the HCG for the injections from Pharmacy Escrow, that’s the company I was talking about. Furthermore, you will need a clean alcohol swab, or simply a cotton ball moistened with alcohol.
Logically, you will also need a syringe with needle, without which I don’t know how you would inject it, anyway. Make sure to check the expiration date of the HCG to be injected. If it is past the exp date, don’t inject it. Also, check if there are any small pieces floating in it, if so, avoid using it.
To see exactly how to give the injection then, you can stop by at Youtube, there are many videos from experienced people that you can watch. I’m not going to dive into detail here in this article, just go over to Youtube, watch the videos and you will get the idea.HCG Shots – Prescription Only
Let me now mention one important fact, which is, the HCG for the injections is prescription only. If you find a producer that sells injection HCG without prescription, you can be sure that it is a scam. Like I said, Pharmacy Escrow is a good choice, but there are more you can opt for.
HCG shots online is not something to be too confused about, you just have to be kind of knowledge in terms of how to give the injections and where to buy from. By far the most convenient is, I think, the HCG drops for weight loss. Not only don’t you need to get your HCG prescribed, you also don’t have to shop for the syringes and the other ingredients to be mixed with HCG.
Yes, there are ways to get all this stuff in one place, but it is hard to find it. You can sometimes get all the mentioned things as an HCG mixing kit for solid price. That’s great, because you no longer have to spend maybe days, looking where to buy HCG shots online, where to get the syringes and also the other components that HCG is mixed with before it is injected.

HCG Diet Side Effects – Are There Any?

People ask me if there are any side effects of the HCG diet. Many men also tend to think that taking a pregnancy hormone as a male can interfere with their sex. That’s nonsense! To be honest, I think that obesity itself is much more harmful than the presence of extra HCG in the body. HCG diet side effects are a lesser risk than being overweight. Obesity can cause increased cholesterol levels, which may lead to a heart attack. It can also be the cause of diabetes. In such cases, the glucose levels in blood might be very increased (due to the absence of insulin) and that can cause sleepiness, frequent hunger, thirst and need to micturate. On the other hand, what are the dangers of the HCG diet?Hunger Is Not A Side Effect…
From my personal experience, I think that if you follow the instructions to the letter and take HCG drops for weight loss as you are supposed to, you will probably not have any problems and by doing so you greatly decrease the HCG diet risks. When I was on the diet, the first few days I felt hungry quite a lot, but of course, this was not because of HCG, but rather because of the 500-calorie diet, also known as Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). Virtually, HCG decreases hunger, as you don’t need to eat so much due to the abnormal fat being released from under your skin.HCG Diet Side Effects – Headaches And Hormonal Changes

Mild headaches are normal during the first few days.
Also, when I was on the diet, I did have occasional headaches, but they were mild and after two days disappeared completely and then I felt quite good and not hungry, as well. Any not-prescribed medications are forbidden while being on the diet, but aspirin is one of the few that is allowed, so you can use it as a headache relief. Another important thing to keep in mind is that HCG, whether it is HCG drops or injections, apart from how it impacts the diencephalon and causes weight loss, is also a sex gland oriented hormone. In men, it can increase testosterone levels, but only if the user’s testosterone levels are below normal. It can never, under any circumstances, function as the anabolic steroids that the market is saturated with and that bodybuilders like to use to grow their muscle mass. HCG can in prepubertial boys also speed up the onset of puberty and quicken puberty as such. Logically, the increased testosterone levels and too quick puberty go hand in hand.
On the other hand, in women HCG can increase estrogen levels, which doesn’t really matter at all. It is also good to know that HCG is in fact a growth hormone and therefore can be harmful if you have cancer. So if you are about to start with the HCG diet, be sure that you don’t have any unwanted lumps on and in your body.Risks Of The HCG Diet Vs ObesityHCG diet side effects are not nearly as much dangerous as severe obesity and in fact, it is now known that HCG can cure woman breast cancer. Another big asset of being on the HCG diet and taking HCG drops for weight loss is, it can help maintain the appropriate blood pressure and be beneficial if somebody is suffering from the following diseases: gout, peptic ulcers, diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, rheumatism and psoriasis. So the bottom line is, if you have serious problems with obesity and excess weight, don’t let anybody discourage you from going onto the HCG diet. Because the side effects and risks of the HCG diet are nothing in comparison to what can happen to you if you are seriously overweight.

US Premium HCG Reviews | HCG Drops Reviews

Another great producer based in the USA, US Premium HCG, uses a colloidal mineral water base for its solution of HCG. It is said to have been tested over a few years by a doctor within his private practice. There are not too many US Premium HCG reviews out there, that’s where my own review of it may come in handy.
If you order US Premium HCG today, you will also get a quick start HCG diet guide and the manuscript of Dr. Simeons: Pounds & Inches. I like this company, because their support is superb and they say they are on the line 24/7. You can contact them via phone, email or even online chat.My Us Premium HCG ReviewFree Shipping, High Quality, Safe Product
Another advantage of US Premium HCG is, they ship for free. Their product is made in the United States. That’s also something I like, I don’t want to risk any health issues by taking in poorly manufactured inferior product coming from wholesalers in Asia. US Premium have thousands of customers, in fact, I was referred to them by a friend of mine, another HCG dieter.
Us Premium HCG is formulated using a more advanced technique than most other HCG companies out there. They do not dilute their product as much as the other brands do, that is also a reason why you will get by with less drops per day. This leads to longer-lasting results. The way they make their drops is in full compliance with FDA regulations.
As I said before, they ship for free using first class US mail. Unfortunately, as of now they only ship within the USA, but from what I’ve heard, they might expand their province to Europe, too. There’s also another shipping option that provides 2nd day air deliver from UPS for a flat rate of $22.95.4 Packages Of US Premium HCG Reviewed
There are 4 packages with 4 various prices. The 60-day program costs $109.95 and for this price you will get 4 ounces of US Premium HCG drops. It is believed it’s possible to lose up to 61 lbs with this diet program.
Package 2 is 3 ounces in volume and that should be enough for up to 45 days of being on the HCG diet. With 1 pound lost per day, you can expect to lose up to 45 lbs. The price of this package is $89.95.
Package no. 3 contains 1 2-ounce bottle of HCG, which is enough for 30 days. The price is $69.95.
Last but not least, the fourth package provides one smaller bottle of US Premium HCG that contains 1 ounce of the drops. It is enough to make you lose up to 18 lbs, provided you don’t cheat and abide by the rules.

What Is The HCG Diet?

The HCG diet is great, IF you know what you are doing.What is the HCG diet? Last time we spoke about the increasing popularity of the HCG diet and also barely distinguished the four phases. This time I’d like to come with a little bit more detailed overview and describe the four phases of the HCG diet in more detail, so as to provide a real answer as to what the HCG diet really is and how it can benefit you.What Are The HCG Diet Phases?
Phase 1 Of The HCG DietPhase 1 of the HCG diet is the so-called Loading Phase and only lasts two days. It’s called loading, because you will be loading yourself with healthy fats, so that you are not undernourished in the following phases. In the loading, we, HCG dieters, eat mostly whatever we desire, and in whatever amount we wish, but there are still certain rules to live by.
You should not eat junk foods, such as chips, cakes, sweets and so on. Though they are high in fat, the fat contained is junk as the food itself. Try to eat healthy fats that are found in pasta, brown rice, lentil, cous cous, nuts of all kinds, etc. And don’t hesitate to eat to capacity, since many people are undernourished from previous dieting and if they don’t load properly, they can feel pretty hungry throughout the rest of the diet.Phase 2 Of The HCG DietPhase 2 Of the HCG diet is the diet itself. This is the Very Low Calorie Diet, abbreviated as VLCD. Yes, we are limited to eat only 500 calories per day, which may sound scary, but believe me, if you’ve done the loading well, you won’t be hungry. Maybe only on the first days of the diet before your body gets used to the presence of HCG.
This Phase lasts from 23 to 40 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose. You can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per day, so for example, if you want to lose 25 lbs in one round, you might get by with only 23 days of this HCG diet phase.
But don’t panic, if you don’t know your exact goals, simply follow the instructions that your HCG provider gives you or that come with your HCG package.Phase 3 Of The HCG Diet
This phase is also called Maintenance or Stabilization phase of the HCG diet. From its name, it is obvious that the main purpose of this time period is to keep the weight we’ve lost in Phase 2 off. We are not taking HCG drops anymore, and we can also eat many more foods than before. The only exception are foods high in sugars and starches, or carbs in general.
We should also eat foods high in quality proteins, such as meat (not too fatty preferrably), eggs, oats, etc.Phase 4 Of The HCG DietPhase 4 of the HCG diet was added to the original protocol by Kevin Trudeau. Some people don’t consider it an HCG diet phase per se. It is just everything after the diet round. Your body is well reset, your metabolic rate is increased and you shouldn’t have any problem eating normally and not gaining any weight. But to achieve that, you should still eat healthy. So try to avoid junk foods, as mentioned before, eat vegetables, fruits, healthy meats, eggs, milk. If you lack vitamins, try adding some supplements to your diet.
But you don’t have to restrain yourself in any signifact way, which is of course good news.
Now you hopefully have a better understanding of what is the HCG diet and how it can work for your weight loss.

HCG Slenderize Review

There are not too many reviews of HCG Slenderize, as it is a rather new producer of HCG drops. They have been around for about 1 year now and although it is not as popular as some other companies that are better established, I still think it is the best choice, especially if you are new to the HCG diet and want something that really works and delivers the results it promises.
You may be wondering why I think it is the best option we can choose from as of now. HCG Slenderize is my favorite, because I’ve used it multiple times to lose weight and also my friends that I recommended the HCG diet to used it for weight loss. A friend of mine, Steffany, lost 22 lbs in just one diet round using these drops. It’s no wonder. There are only two categories of manufacturers of HCG – those whose product really contains the hormone and those whose “HCG” is a scam, water. HCG Slenderize certainly belongs to the former category.
What I also like is they send free bottles every day, meaning you can use it for “free” (use still have to pay for shipping & handling), but other than that, it’s really free. Then when your bottle is up, you have to make the decision whether or not to stick with their product.
I strongly recommend that you order HCG Slenderize as soon as possible, because the opportunity to get it for free may not last long (that said that themselves).

HCG Recipes – Phase 1 HCG Recipes

Are you looking for HCG recipes? If so, congratulations, you’ve just met your target. I was quite busy last few days, I couldn’t really update my blog in any way, however, I was able to come up with one phase 1 HCG recipe that I particularly like.
I would begin with clearly pointing out what phase 1 of the HCG diet really is and what the primary function of it is. Phase 1 was there right from the beginning, it was something even Dr. Simeons recommended doing. Its main purpose is to replenish your possible famished body (you may have been undereating before) with healthy fats, such that fill your depleted fat deposits under your skin, so that you have the necessary energy to go through Phase 2 without ever cheating. Many people in their HCG drops reviews mention that they were unsuccessful on the diet due to their skipping the first phase of the diet, the loading phase. This is a mistake you should avoid if you want to take it seriously.DON’T SKIP THE LOADING PHASE.Here’s the phase 1 HCG recipe for you:HCG Spinach Stuffed ChickenIngredients:
100 grams – chicken breast
1 tablespoon – chopped onion
1 clove – minced garlic
1 Pinch – garlic powder
1 tablespoon – lemon juice
1 Pinch – onion powder
Dash of salt and pepper
½ cup chicken broth or waterDirections:Tenderize chicken by pounding until flat.
Mix together lemon juice and all of the spices.
Cook spinach lightly in lemon juice and spices.
Strain out excess liquid from the spinach and place the spinach in the center of the flat tenderized chicken.
Roll up the spinach mixture inside the chicken breast.
Preheat Oven to 350:
Place Chicken that has been rolled up with the spinach inside of it, in a baking dish.
Add the chicken broth/water into the pan.
Bake chicken rolls for about 15 minutes or until the chicken is completely cooked.Serving Suggestion:
You can also smash up your Melba Toast or Grissini Bread-Sticks and sprinkle it on top of the Chicken Rolls before you but them in the oven.

Is The HCG Diet A Scam?

Is there real, evident proof that the HCG diet is not a scam? If these questions have been on your mind, let me explain why it is apparent that the HCG diet is not a scam and what’s the difference between effective HCG weight loss and no weight loss.
The HCG diet, as it was being invented, was never thought to be such a massively utilized means of weight loss, as it is today. The original (and only) form HCG could be taken back then was by injections. Never was it meant to be taken as drops. However, it’s been a long time since then and the process the HCG diet drops are made has been perfected, so nowadays it doesn’t really matter if you use the HCG injections or the drops. The HCG diet is not a scam, providing you use the right, non-scam HCG. The only case HCG diet is a scam is if you buy fraud HCG drops, which is pretty much just water.
You may have read somewhere that the HCG diet hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that is really so, but the reason behind it is they didn’t conduct satisfactory scientific research to back up the diet program.HCG Diet Scam? Not At All
However, there was a research study in the 1970s conducted by scientists Harper and Asher. 40 patients were taken into clinics to be observed and examined daily. Half of them were taking a placebo, whereas the other half of the patients who needed a weight loss cure were taking HCG by injections. After the study had been finished, the results showed that the people of the HCG group felt less hungry as opposed to the placebo group patients, who reported they were starving and the hunger was horrible. On top of that, the dieters of the HCG group lost much more weight on average.
I think this is a clear proof that the statements about HCG diet scam are not true and its authors should be less ignorant to this proof. The HCG diet, no matter how you take your HCG, works and I consider it one of the easiest and least painful methods of weight loss that have been thought out so far.
Of course, there are some risks associated with the diet, yet there are of lesser significance in comparison to risks of being obese. Let’s sum it up, the risks of obesity are as follows: higher potential of diabetes, bilary calculosis, respiratory insufficiency, nocturnal apnoea, cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension, arthrosis of backbone and of lower limbs, fertility anomalies and cancer. The risks of the HCG diet? Soreness and tenderness in the spots of injections (which can be avoided by taking HCG drops for weight loss), occasional dizziness and headaches, (in most cases only on the first few days of the diet) and the risk of getting the weight back, which only exists if the HCG you’ve bought is a scam or you ignore the advice given to people who have finished the diet.So is HCG diet scam? I say no, if it were, how would I possibly lose 55 lbs relatively easily and maintain it then? The HCG diet is not a scam, it is not “too good to be true”, you just have to abide by the instructions to make it work.

HCG Drops For Weight Loss – All You Need To Know About HCG Drops

First of all, let me explain what HCG really is, so that you can understand better why taking HCG drops for weight loss is so beneficial. HCG (sometimes written as “hCG” – with the “h” in lower case) is an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (or Gonadotrophin, with an “h”, depending on the writer). It is a hormone found in women during pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean HCG drops for weight loss don‘t work for men. Its most important function for people who want to lose weight is, it causes the abnormal fat stored in fat deposits all around the body to get released so that your body cells can get energy from it. This way, you can get rid of the excess fat, which is extremely hard to accomplish just by working out and undereating. On top of that, the fat you lose won’t usually come back. If you think fat cells can’t be destroyed completely, you are mistaken. HCG diet is one of the few ways to maintain permanent weight loss. You know the well-known Yo-Yo effect, nothing is more frustrating than getting back the weight you’ve lost.
There are several ways you can ingest HCG into your body. You can do injections, which I also did the first time I was on the HCG diet. This is what Dr. Simeons (the inventor of this great diet) suggested in his book Pounds and Inches. But when I took the injections, I didn’t feel too comfortable about it, so in the second round I tried HCG drops for weight loss and found that it wasn’t any less effective than the shots. So HCG weight loss drops were the way go from then onwards and I got the same results as in round 1. That’s why I really recommend using the droplets, because if you inject, you have to be careful to do it into the right spots on your body (it is done atop the buttocks, to the thighs or belly). With the drops, there is no chance you could ever do anything wrong, which is not so true with injections. For example, I once hit one of my abdominal muscles (because I gave it too close to the belly button where there is not so much fat) and the pain was horrible.Avoid Scam HCG Weight Loss Drops
To explain to you how to use hcg drops for weight loss, I will first make a clarification as to what form of HCG you should use and where to buy HCG. HCG on the market can be divided into two categories, homeopathic HCG and the “normal” pharmacy-grade rx HCG. I think both work equally, but it is mandatory to buy from trustworthy producers. Let me tell you that there is a number of scam companies on the Internet using whose products will not help you lose weight any more than just pure starving (been there, done that). You don’t want to buy HCG from them just to feed them before their fraud inferior products disappear. By the way, that’s also one of the reasons why I made this blog, to show people where to buy from and also on the contrary, what to avoid. To view the best USA and non-USA HCG products out there, check out the section HCG Drops For Weight Loss Reviews. If you’d like to get some unbiased tips from me on how and where to get HCG, please don’t hesitate to fill in your e-mail into the box on the side and I will get back to you as soon as possible.How To Use HCG Drops For Weight Loss
Oh my land, I digressed again from what I wanted to talk about. Yeah, how to set up and take HCG drops weight loss correctly. Well, with the drops (as opposed to injections), it is quite simple. Some consider sublingual HCG to be the most convenient way. All you have to do is to apply the drops under your tongue and wait some time before it absorbs (no more than 20 minutes). It will then start to circulate in your body and you are well on your way to lose those pounds, inches and love handles. Usually (for most oral HCG for weight loss – at least the homeopathic ones), you should do 12-15 drops, three times a day. Some people claim it is more effective to take 10 drops 6 times per day, but I don’t think it makes any difference. In the end, the decision is up to you, but I would recommend you stick to the 15-drops-three-times-per-day scheme. However, if you get non-homeopathic HCG drops (meaning the solution is not that diluted, thus the concentration of HCG is higher in such a case), most users do 166 IUs per day. Also, always remember to read the instructions that come with the HCG so you don’t miss anything important.

HCG Diet Drops And Loading Before The VLCDRecent Posts

Load Yourself Properly, But Keep It In Moderation
To lose weight with HCG diet drops and not feel too hungry during the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet), it is very important to first undergo so-called “HCG Diet Loading“. In the loading phase of the HCG diet, you are to eat as much food as possible. The original HCG diet protocol, the manuscript by Dr. Simeons, says we should eat “to capacity”. But that might be a little confusing. Let me clear it out for you: You should eat a lot, but it does matter what you eat during the loading phase.
Generally, you should eat foods that contain a lot of FAT. Sound weird? But it is true. You have to eat very fatty foods for a number of reasons. Firstly, people who are about to go on the HCG diet are usually seasoned dieters . That means that their reserves of normal fat in their bodies is mostly depleted. So they need to replenish those reserves by eating lots of fat.
If you fast before the diet and do NOT do the loading properly, you are at risk of feeling very hungry during the main low calorie diet, because your normal fat reserves will be depleted and because your body will be still in a kind of a starvation mode, this fat won’t get refilled. To read more about what kinds of fat there are, see the section “How does HCG work“.
Also, it is crucial to load before the main diet, because despite the fact that you will probably gain a few pounds at that time, your diencephalon will simply have more fat to deal with and therefore will “order” more fat burning. This increase of the diencephalic fat banking capacity will then last throughout the whole course of the HCG diet.
Yesterday I got an e-mail. Its sender was asking me, whether or not she should have been taking HCG diet drops during loading. So let me make a clarification; Yes, you absolutely should be taking HCG diet drops while you are loading. Why? Because it’s been observed that HCG, no matter the method of intake, usually starts to work in the human body after the third dosage. Logically then, if you weren’t taking HCG drops for weight loss on loading, it would take a couple of days then on the VLCD before the hormone would start doing its job, and thus the very first days of the VLCD would be worthless. In fact, the impact on the diet as a whole would be disastrous. So do take HCG diet drops during the loading phase.
Another often raised question is: What foods should I eat on the HCG diet loading? This is the funny part, because the swath of foods you are allowed to eat is much wider than on the low calorie diet that follows after. However, there are certain foods to avoid. Junk foods, such as potato chips,  lemonades with a lot of sugar, cakes, deep-fried foods, etc., are not a good choice. On the other hand, you are free to eat pasta, rice, almonds (preferrably not roasted), fish, pork, beef, poultry, chicken breast, lentil, and various kinds of nuts, particularly not roasted. Most of these foods contain a lot of healthy fats and carbs, unlike the junk foods described above.
How long should you be loading? Well, it depends on how much weight you wanna lose. If you are going to stay on the VLCD for the whole 40 days, it could be wise to do a 3-day loading. However, most individuals will be fine with just 2 days of loading. Don’t forget to take HCG diet drops on loading, though!